Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Missionary Monster Match Up

doors (my family says they need doorknobs...)

The kids are Missionaries “knocking” on doors. (It’s a match game on the board with cute Halloween monsters behind the doors.)

1. Invite a pair of “Missionaries” to “knock" on doors. While they "knock" and try to make a match, sing a missionary song so everyone can help them find an Investigator. Keep "knocking" and singing until the "Missionaries" make a match.
2. If the match is Monsters that means the Monster has a question about the church! Have the Monster ask the Missionaries a question. Have the Missionaries answer it. Then whole Primary answers the question with a song (IE:, "This monster wants to know about baptism. Do we know a baptism song?! Let's sing Baptism!)
3. If the match is Halloween Guys - that means it's a trick! or a treat! Sing one of the Halloweeny songs (list below).
4. Repeat.

***Give the kids this Warning!...
The guys behind these doors are TREATS,
and are oh-so-sweet.
BUT you better BEWARE!
There are some TRICKS out there!  


Missionary Song Possibilities:
  • I Want to be a Missionary Now 168
  • We’ll Bring the World His Truth 172
  • The Church of Jesus Christ 77
  • Holding Hands Around the World sheet
Possible Monster Questions (and the answers found in the scriptures and in song):
  • How do I know HF loves me? (Genesis 1: chapter heading), My Heavenly Father Loves Me 228
  • Can everyone pray? (Matthew 19:14), A Child's Prayer 12
  • How do I know who I am? (Psalms 82:6), I Am a Child of God 2
  • How old do you have to be to get baptized? What happens when you get baptized? (Acts 2:38), When I AM Baptized 103
The Halloween matches are TRICK SONGS!
(ghost) Boo As I’m Booing 276
(skull) Scientific Names for: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 275 **
(skeleton) Hinges 277
(pumpkin) If You’re Scared and You Know It 266

**Scientific Names for Head Shoulders Knees and Toes:
Cranium, Clavicle, Patella, Phlanges
Patella, Phlanges
Patella, Phlanges
Cranium, Scapula, Patella, Phlanges
Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose
--(Oculus, Cochlea, Orophornax, Nasal Cartilage)-- for if you're feeling really ambitious on the last part... I'll sing the last part normal for JR and we'll try it harder in SR.)--


  • Doors
  • Missionary Tags
  • Monsters
  • Halloween Guys
monsters. cute, not scary.
two of each for a matching game.
halloween guys
again, there are two of each.


  1. Fun idea! I saw this on another blog too. Do you happen to know what other blog that might be? Wracking my brain hasn't worked yet! Thanks. coreyanita@hotmail.com

  2. No, I don't know what other blog. I do borrow a lot of ideas, but this one I thought of myself. Maybe many of us had the same great idea!

  3. Also, I was thinking of changing the "halloween guys" to be a big piece of candy and calling it a "treat" - instead of using the traditional Halloween symbols...

  4. This idea is GENIUS. I love how you incorporated a missionary theme with fun Halloween tricks. I had an idea planned out for tomorrow, but I'm scrapping it in favor of this!

  5. Thank you Talia. Have fun with it! :D