Sunday, April 13, 2014

29th Ward's 2014 Songs to Learn:

Planned songs for us to learn (and perform sometime during the year) from the Primary Outline 2014, “Families Are Forever”:

*BLACK text are performing songs. Either for Primary Program, Holiday or both.
*GREY text are non-performing songs

*We learn other songs, too, sporadically throughout the year as the Spirits directs in correlation to the Sharing Time lessons. Because of the spontaneous nature of those songs (and because they won't be in the Program), they may not be fully listed below. I tried to backtrack and remember and list the ones we've done in grey text.

He Sent His Son 34
I Lived in Heaven 4
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus 78
Jesus Once Was a Little Child 55

I Will Follow God’s Plan 164
My Heavenly Father Loves Me 228
The Lord Gave Me a Temple 153
Choose the Right hymn

I Stand All Amazed Hymn 193  (*sing 1st verse for Easter with ASL)
Jesus Has Risen 34
The Chapel Doors

The Family Is Of God (sheet music)  (*sing for Mother's day)
-Easter Songs

Stand For The Right 159

Love Is Spoken Here 190 (*sing for Father's Day)
A Young Man Prepared 166 (*sing for Father's Day)
Daddy's Homecoming 210 (*sing for Father's Day)

Baptism 100

Seek The Lord Early 108
A Smile is Like the Sunshine
Scatter Sunshine (hymn)
Scripture Power
Search, Ponder and Pray

Random "ABC" songs lesson (I didn't write all those down...)
Every Star is Different
"Leaves" are Falling all Around
It's Autumntime
"Leaves" Were Falling Off the Apricot Tree
Once There Was a "Tree"

2015 Program Song Review +
Shari Orme Arrangement of Families Can Be Together Forever and I Love to See the Temple

2015 Program Song Review +
Help Me, Dear Father
I Am Glad For Many Things
Thanks to Thee
Children All Over the World

Christmas Songs

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