Monday, January 28, 2013

3 Bowls

Have 3 bowls:

Bowl #1 WHO (as in who is going to sing)
Bowl #2 HOW (how they are going to sing it.
Bowl #3 WHERE (where they are going to sing )

WHO: girls only, boys only, teachers only, those wearing white or black or blue or pink or brown or yellow, blond hair, brown hair, etc...

HOW: staccato (hot), forte' (loud), piano (soft), legato (smooth), stop/go, actions only, eyes closed, etc..

WHERE: sitting on chairs, backs against the wall, sitting on the floor, laying on the floor, sitting in a different chair, standing in the front, standing in a circle, etc...the kids only have by the time I count to 10 to get in position. When we are done with that song... count to 10 again and the kids must be back in their original chair.

*Idea from my awesomely talented Mother-in-Law, Charlotte Stott Coleman who has been a Primary Chorister many times

----> SEE A VERSION OF IT HERE, on this blog.

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