Saturday, January 5, 2013

Away In a Manger

Fill up Jesus' manger with hay...

Tell the children that Jesus was not born in a hospital. Explain that he didn't have a nice warm bed like they have at home. Explain that we are going to sing to earn hay to make Jesus' manger nice and soft upon his arrival.

Sing Away In a Manger. Every time you sing it pick the class who was singing the best. Each child picks a piece of "hay" to put in Jesus' manger. At the end of singing time thank the children for singing so good and making a nice bed in the manger for Jesus and put Jesus in the manger.


Using construction paper...
  • Cut out a manger out of brown
  • Cut out rectangles of yellow for hay
  • Cut out a baby Jesus (oval body, round head)

Before the children arrive...
  • Tape empty manger on the board
  • Put tape on each piece of hay and tape around table or chalk board tray or something. You'll want the pieces ready to go so you're not fumbling with the tape dispenser!

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