Friday, January 25, 2013

Blow Dryer Box

The idea is kind of like... um.. on a game show where people step into a box full of cash blowing all around. Yeah. A smaller version of that. With a blow dryer.

I made my blow dryer box for fall with an autumn tree in the background and Dollar Tree table scatter for the blowing leaves.

Here's how it's going to work (for me):
I was going to have the names of songs on the leaves. Only.... it's turning out to be a little more complicated than just that. The leaves have a tendency blow out of the box and all over the place. And for effect I am going to put all 50 leaves in the box, not just the 8 songs we'll sing (it was sad with just a few leaves - and it was hard to get them to blow around. More = better). So I WILL have numbers on all the leaves (1-50) - the thing is, the numbers don't really mean anything, even though the kids think they do. The Pianist and I will just be going down a predetermined list of songs. I'll call out "leaf 25! what a great song!" and she'll just play the next one on the list. Or, I'll have the list, too, and I'll eyeball the next song and call out the name of that song when I look at the leaf number - like,"oh, I'm so glad you picked this leaf!  I just looooove I Pray In Faith! Okay, let's sing!". That sort of thing. Sometimes it's the "magic of Primary" at work.

You can also add some movement/teaching conducting with this Lead Like the Wind idea.

*** LEARN, It’s Autumntime 46  - *after learned, sing while picking leaves

1. THANKFUL SONG: I Am Glad For Many Things  151
2. FUN SONG”:  “Leaves” Are Falling All Around  241
3. THANKFUL SONG: Pray In Faith  14
4. THANKFUL SONG: For Health and Strength (round)  21
5. FUN SONG: “Leaves Are Falling From the Apricot Tree”  242
6. THANKFUL SONG: I’m Thankful to Be Me  11
7. FUN SONG: “Once There Was a Tree”  249  *(in the Fall the leaves fell off, leaves fell off, leaves fell off…)
8. THANKFUL SONG: My Heavenly Father Loves Me  228

Big box.
I've seen it done with a diaper box. Mine is from the company I work for (score!).
I made the top of the tree interchangeable with a green top, if I ever want to.
Or, I could put in a whole new scene if I ever wanted to - just make something to place in over the existing picture.
Left side: Hole big enough for an arm to fit into the box, cut in mid-height.
Right side: Side opposite of arm hole.
The bottom seemed to be the best place for the air to come in at. When using the box you have to angle the air every which way to get the leaves to blow around - even have to tip the box to get it to go.
Ceran Wrap the front. Clear plastic tape it on.
Don't seal all the edges - the air needs to be able to be able to escape a little bit - if it can't get out the Ceran Wrap turns into a big bubble... I was afraid it would burst!
...tried to get an action shot.  glare/blurry leaves...
The leaves blow everywhere, even out of the box. Leaves are going to go everywhere.
I can just imagine how silly the kids will think it is. I can hear their giggles now...
Last pic - random! My too-huge box of never-ending ceran wrap.
When we were first married we thought we'd need 3,000 SQUARE FEET of the stuff. What were we thinking?!
11 years later and we're still using the stuff and it still feels like it's never going to run out! We have so much I'm even using ir for Primary projects (Thanks Sams Club! lol.)

*Idea Credit: I found the blowing box  HERE.

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