Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Conversation Hearts!

I found this list on SugarDoodle. I wanted a place to store it for future reference, so here it is. Credit given to Luana Willis.

picture credit: PN29


SMILE 267 Smiles
BE TRUE 159 Stand for the Right
CALL ME 197 Quickly I'll Obey
COOL 245 Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?
I DO 207 Mother I Love You
I WILL 164 I Will Follow God's Plan, or 162 I Will Be Valiant
LOVE 74 I Feel My Saviors Love
LOVE ME 198 A Happy Family or 263 We Are Different
LOVED YOU 136 Love One Another
HE LOVES ME 211 My Dad
BIG KISS 210 Daddy's Homecoming
I'LL WHISPER 208 The Dearest Names
YOU AND ME (or) BE HAPPY 258 Our Primary Colors
HELP ME 263 We Are Different or 161 Choose The Right Way
I'M GLAD 228 My Heavenly Father Loves Me
HOORAY! 201 When Grandpa Comes
GIVE ME A HUG (HUG ME) 200 Grandmother
LOVE HER 198 When We're Helping
SPECIAL 196 Saturday
HAVING FUN 194 The Family
4 EVER 188 Families Can Be Together Forever
SHH! 156 The Chapel Doors
#1 134 Latter Day Prophets
THE BEST 103 When I Am Baptized
WIN Scripture Power
I'LL FOLLOW 77 The Church of Jesus Christ
PLEASE 60 Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
LOVES ME 5 I Know My Father Lives
THANKS 20 Thanks To Our Father
I LOVE YOU 208 The Dearest Names
TEACH ME 177 Teach Me To Walk In The Light

URA STAR 163 I Am Like A Star
UR KIND 145 Kindness Begins With Me
WISE UP 281 The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
ILU 206 Mother Dear
DIG ME 237 The Prophet Said to Plant A Garden
EVER AFTER 188 Families Can Be Together Forever
HEART OF GOLD 86 The Golden Plates

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And here are conversation heart printables from AF Singing Time!:

conversation hearts from AF Singing Time


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