Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Am a Child of God - In Depth


1) Sing 1st verse of I Am a Child of God

Explain that we are going to sing “Do As I’m Doing” and use actions for things that will lead us back to Heavenly Father (Ex: pray, read scriptures,
giving service, etc) Give each class a slip of paper with an idea on it and have them come up with an action that fits the idea.  Sing the Do As I’m Doing with the class’s actions.

Ask, “WHO HAS HEAVENLY FATHER GIVEN TO LEAD AND GUIDE YOU?” (Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, Family Members Friends, etc...)

Sing 1st verse of I Am a Child of God again


2) Tell the children that songs often have words that rhyme in them.  Tell them to listen for rhyming words.

Sing the 2nd verse of I Am a Child of God.  Ask them if they can figure out what words rhymed in that verse.

Find the rhyming words in all the verses:
1 (here - dear)
2 (great - late)
3 (store - more)
4 (sure - endure)


3) Tell the children to close their eyes and picture in their mind what you are going to describe to them;

“Imagine you are in a beautiful place. In this place there are beautiful green trees, lovely flowers growing. I can hear a stream off in the distance. If I’m quiet I can hear the birds singing in the trees. When I look around I notice that my family is all here in this beautiful place with me. I feel so happy when I see them. As I walk around I feel very peaceful and calm.”

Have them keep their eyes closed and tell them “We don’t know exactly what it will be like to live with Heavenly Father again. But I know that it will be perfect and we will be filled with joy and love.”

Explain that the 3rd verse of “I am a child of God” talks about living with Heavenly Father again.

Sing the 3rd verse of “I am a child of God”

Ask what does it mean that blessings are in store? Do we go to a grocery store to get our blessings?

Ask them to listen for what we need to do to return to Heavenly Father.

Sing 3rd verse again. Get answers.

Ask, How do we learn to do his will?

4) Walk around and give pinky promises to the kids. Say things like, “I promise to prepare music lessons every week, I promise to try to remember all the words, I promise to smile while I’m singing....”

Explain that you  just made promises with kids in the room, but didn’t get around to everyone. Explain that there IS someone who made promises to every person in the room. The only way we can get what has been promised to us is to ‘endure’ and to try our hardest to be our best all day, every day.

Sing verse 4 of “I Am a Child of God”



  • Slips of paper with getting back to H.F. action words on them



  • This goes better with older kids. May have to adjust this for younger kids.
  • Have a 2nd activity planned. For instance, after we learned all the info above I had quiz questions prepared. I called kids up to answer a question and when they did they got to do a part in my game. (It was the build a snowman game, for the curious.)
*Some ideas borrowed from - HERE

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