Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rebus Pictures Conundrum

A lot of talk has surfaced in online chatter about using pictures to represent words in songs, aka, rebus pictures. Can Music Leaders use pictures in their flip charts? What pictures? How do we use pictures properly, etcetera...

The answer is HERE on

I remember rebus picture stories in The Friend when I was little ('80s, '90s). But then I got to thinking.... and I can't remember seeing them any time recently.  These days my memory isn't that great, though, so I did a quick online search, and the most recent LDS rebus story I found was King Benjamin, February 2012.

What I am gathering is that it is okay to use pictures as long as they accurately represent the words and song. It it not okay to use pictures that are not topically related to the word or song.
  • OKAY: "hold to the rod" depicted by a picture of a hand holding onto a rod
  • NOT OKAY: "spirit" depicted by a spear directed toward an animal (as in "spear it")

Bottom line, and an easy to rule for me to follow: If it feels like "a stretch" I probably shouldn't do it.

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