Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teach Me to Walk in The Light - Flashlight Lesson Plan

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After Teach Me to Walk in The Light has been learned -

Singing Repetition:
  1. Have a picture of Jesus on the board
  2. Turn off the lights. (darken the windows, if need be - but don’t scare JR Primary)
  3. Tell the children that today we have to earn our light by singing our best.
  4. The class singing the best gets to turn on their light. (Teachers point the flashlight at the picture of Jesus)
  5. Sing until all flashlights are turned on.
  • When it’s dark we can’t see clearly. It's easier to become confused in the darkness.
  • We can get the light by following the commandments. We have loving Parents and Teachers who want us to make good choices and grow to be good and happy people.
  • When we are with others who also have the light our lights combine to be even brighter.
  • Jesus is our life and our light. We can shine with the light of Christ.


  • Lesson went well.
  • Gathering flashlights from neighbors (and then remembering to return them) was the hardest part. Even had to buy some from the store.
  • Remember to bring a flashlight for the Pianist.

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