Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lyric Color Erase

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For kids who can read, (or mostly SR Primary in my case) -
  1. Write the lyrics on a whiteboard in different colors (or chalkboard with colored chalk)
  2. After signing the song through, have a child roll a die.
  3. Number on the dice = color to erase. (or, instead of a # die, use a colorful-sided die)
  4. Erase all the lyrics that color.
  5. Repeat. 

*To make this work in JR Primary, do with pictures. Perhaps glue them on colored paper so they have a colored border.

**** INSTEAD OF DICE, YOU COULD USE MAGIC COLOR CUPS to determine the color that needs to be erased.


  1. We do a similar activity using a letter dice from the game "Scattegories." When a letter is rolled, the child erases all the words that have that letter in it. To get another participant each round, I bring a yard stick and another child points to the words (or blank spot where the word should be) while we sing it. It gets tricky, but really holds their attention- they LOVE it when all the words are gone and they are trying to remember where each word and phrase was!