Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rainbow Singing Meter

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  1. Get a long piece of butcher paper.
  2. Adhere long strips of colored paper in rainbow order (They Might Be Giants Roy G Biv video helps me remember rainbow color order).
  3. Roll up the paper (with the rainbow on the inside).
  4. Enlist Teachers to help you unroll the rainbow as the kids sing.---> The better they sing, the longer the rainbow will be!

*You could make a horizontal graph (7H x 10W) and color it in line-by-line (in rainbow order) according to how well they sing.

*If you were teaching this song in March it would be cute to have a pot of gold as the very last thing that unrolls. Be sure the kids don't see it until the very last time you sing it through. Even better, if it had chocolate coins on it - one for each child to take home.

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