Sunday, June 16, 2013

Firework Balloon Pop

I saw this idea and thought "how fun! the kids will love it!". I started making plans.... and then I remembered my balloon-a-phobia. Oh yeah... that's right.... I hate balloons! So.... this is being put on this blog as a big fat maybe. *If* I do it I'll post my own pictures. Until then, here's the how-to so I can maybe reference it again later.

  • Get empty push-up pops.
  • Get toilet paper tubes
  • Get paper.
  • Get push pins.
  • Get accessories (wrapping paper, sparkly stuff).
  1. Wrap toilet paper tubes.
  2. Write on pieces of paper. Put paper in balloons. Blow up balloons.
  3. Tie strong to balloon, pull through toilet paper roll, staple to bottom of tube to hold balloon in place.
  4. Push a push pin through Push-Up circle thing (so pin side goes up the tube).
While the kids sing, push the pin up the tube to pop the balloon and reveal the next song to sing.  (Or way to sing, whatever you're doing that day)

*Idea and pics from Sing With Me Too

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