Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ward Time Capsule

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*I'd like to do this activity when the monthly song is Families Can Be Together Forever (June 2013)*

1. Explain that our Ward is like a big family and the Father of our Ward is Our Bishop.

2. Learn Fathers- verse 2 or Our Bishop.

3. Invite the Bishop to help the Primary children make a Ward Time Capsule.

Ideas of what to put in the time capsule:

  • trace Bishop's hand
  • take note of who was in Bishopric positions, Primary Presidency, Primary Teachers and other positions in the Ward
  • take note of who is the Prophet and his Counselors 
  • put in some of their own drawn pictures
  • put in some of their hand traces
  • A picture of the whole Primary
  • Pictures of each class
  • filled out questionnaires
  • a CTR ring
  • CD of that year's Program Songs
  • ask Teachers to bring an item for each class (or have them make an item from each class, something with each kids' name on it or something....)
Or, if you have a smaller Primary, have them make individual time capsules. With a form like this or something.



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