Monday, July 22, 2013

Brain Break! Cross The Midline

Crossing the midline means that one side of the body moves to the opposite side of the body to do work over there. The physical cross also causing a cross in the brain.
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To apply this to Primary Music Time, the idea of this is that sometimes you need a "brain break" to get your brain ready for learning (or, in the middle of a lesson, to realign your brain so it can get back to learning). It's basically some simple movements that cross the midline of your body and therefore, also the midline your brain. It's a repeated exercise where one hand touches something on the other side of the body - then the other hand does the same thing on the other side of the body. One side, then the other, then repeat. IE: stand up, touch right foot with left hand, stand up, touch left foot with right hand. Repeat a few times.

SEE: Dr Jean's midline crossing brain exercises
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