Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We Are Called to be Missionaries Now

I found this idea on OCD Chorister. Great idea for I Hope They Call Me on a Mission or I Want To be A Missionary Now (or other missionary songs!)
  • Sing and pass envelope around.
  • When music stops, child with envelope opens the “Mission Call”. They read it to the Primary.
  • Find out where it’s to. (Places like the playground, school, library, friend's house, dance, soccer, home, in Primary, sister's bedroom, in the car, out to eat, grandma's house, etcetera...)
  • Ask the kids how they can be a Missionary in that ‘area’.
  • Repeat
*If possible, make enough mission call for everyone to take home one.

Type "mission calls"
Put "missions calls" in envelopes

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