Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dad's Hands

*This is a way to repeat-sing a song you're learning and also get in a nod to Father's Day.

Before Father's Day take pictures of different Dad's hands (just one hand will do). Ask each Dad 5 things about themselves (to help the kids guess who they are).
  1. Have the "Handy Ways to Sing" posted on the board.
  2. Display hand pictures.
  3. Choose a child to give a HIGH FIVE to a hand.
  4. The hand has 5 CLUES to guess who's Dad's hand it is.
  5. Figure out who's hand it is using the clues, then...
  6. ...the # of guesses it took them to figure out who's Dad's hand was is the # on the chart indicating the "handy" way to sing. (does that make sense?).
  7. Sing
  8. Repeat

*This is a way to sing lots of different songs!

Before Father's Day take pictures of PAIRS of hands. Ask the Dads what their favorite Primary song is.
  1. Put pictures on the board.
  2. Choose a child to make a match.
  3. Identify the Dad, then sing that dad's favorite Primary Song.
  4. Repeat.

*Ideas inspired from somthing I saw HERE

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