Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 10 Primary Song Countdown.... REMIX!


*Little known fact about me. I worked in radio and have my degree in Broadcasting. A Top 10 Countdown is right up my alley...  :)


Paraphrase: Every year a list comes out with the most popular songs played on the radio that year. When a song gets really popular often times remixed versions of the song come out. One of the ways to remix a song is to add a new beat. I brought our Top 10 Songs we sang in Primary this year. Our Pianist is going to play it the same, we are going to sing it the same, but we’re going to add beats to our Top 10 songs by clapping, slapping, stomping and snapping.


Choose a song. Let the kids help choose how to "remix" the song. For example, I Am a Child of God is in 4/4 time. So you need 4 "beats". A repeat of 'lap, lap, clap, snap' would work for that song. The kids may get really creative and do something like 'elbow, other elbow, head, stomp' - you just never know. That's what's so fun about "remixing" the songs!  ;)

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