Sunday, February 23, 2014

My WHO? Container

I have a container that I've cut strips of who can sing. I wrote "WHO" on it.  It's my WHO? can.  I use it to extend signing time and keep them singing. Since it's something I keep using it over and over, I thought I'd post about it.

For example, for the song  I Will Follow God's Plan I asked the Primary, "Who will follow God's plan?"  I invited a child to pick from the WHO? Container - and then I make a big deal about those kids ("Yes! people wearing blue will follow God's plan!!!") and only those kids sing. I first used the WHO? Container for the song I Lived in Heaven.  It's the same idea...(see it here!).


Ideas for WHO paper strips:
  • hair color
  • hair length
  • eye color
  • clothing color
  • age (older than/younger than)
  • girls / boys
  • missing teeth
  • have had a birthday this year / birthday coming up

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