Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keeping TIME

*I thought of this activity for Daylight Savings time.*

Make a "clock" with hand that spins.

PARAPHRASE: Do you know what happened this weekend? It was daylight savings time. That means we moved the hands on the clock forward an hour, and lost an hour! Can you believe that?! We don't like losing time, we like keeping time! So today I brought my clock to help us keep time!

  1. Invite a child to spin the clock spinner
  2. See the # it lands on and have the Primary kids keep time while you sing.
  3. Repeat.

Time Keeping Movement Suggestions:

1. Clap Beat
2. Stomp Beat
3. Lead with One Arm
4. Lead with Both Arms
5. Toe Tap / Floating Foot (crossed foot bounces in the air to the beat)
6. Tick Tock Arm, aka Human Metronome
7. Laps and Claps
8. Head Tap
9. Clap Rhythm
10. Finger Taps
11. Floating Foot
12. Tick Tock Rock (stand up, back and forth)
13. Body Beats (children choose a place to tap for each beat

It's a hit.

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