Monday, March 3, 2014

Why I Like to Use Sign for Songs

Why I like to teach sign for songs:

I know there are a lot of songs available on, but I prefer to place my own signs. I like to try to make the words match up with the signs. I know it doesn't always happen that way when signing  to the deaf community - but for hearing kids it's a good connection when the sign is the word coming out of their mouth, or close to it. I want the word-to-sign connection. Maybe this way isn't the most comprehensible when reading the signs, but my intent is not for the signs to be read - my intent is for 1) the children I'm teaching to learn the song, and 2) to solidify the meaning of the words with signs. Also, I try to make the signs go with beats and intricacies within the song to make them easier to do and remember. It's like choreographing a little hand dance. :)  I love singing, I love signing, I love the kids. I hope to be able to marry the singing and the signing  in a way that the kids I teach can comprehend and the deaf community can appreciate as well. The end. ;)

Not really the end.

I took two full years of sign language. I appreciate the language and the art.

Ok, the real end now.

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