Saturday, July 19, 2014

EASY PROPS for To Be a Pioneer

Actions for To Be A Pioneer:

*Three children come up.

CHILD 1) Makes a pushing action with hands & arms.
"You don't have to push a handcart"

CHILD 2) Waves goodbye.
"Leave your family dear"

CHILD 3) Walks in place.
"Or walk a thousand miles or more to be a pioneer"

*Three children come up.

CHILD 1) Hand a medal around their neck with the word "courage" on it.
"You do have to have great courage"

CHILD 2) Write "fear" on a piece of paper. Child crumples the word as you sing.
"Faith to conquer fear"

CHILD 3) Holds a set of scriptures
"Work with might for a cause that's right, to be a pioneer!"

*Thanks to Deborah C on the LDS Choristers Facebook Group for these!

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