Monday, August 4, 2014

County Fair Ribbons

This is an idea to review songs (for the Program, perhaps?).
  • Print off pictures of things found at a fair. Put them on the board.
  • Explain that at a fair items get ribbons. Blue ribbons are the best!
  • Have a child pick a picture. The picture is the song to sing.
  • Have the "judge" hang a ribbon near the picture.
  • After singing all the songs, go back to the ones that didn't get blue ribbons and sing those again.

  • "County Fair / State Fair / whatever " sign
  • ribbons (blue, red, yellow, green, whatever - especially the blue ones)
  • pictures of things at a fair
  • as someone to be the "judge"

*Idea from a comment in the Facebook Chorister's Group. I am putting it here so I can remember it later!

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