Monday, October 6, 2014

Backwards Blast Off!

So.... we've mostly learned our songs for the Program. But now I want to add a few little things, like, go over where some of the songs split at the ENDS. (Namely in 2014; Love is Spoken Here and He Sent His Son). It's not necessary to do parts in songs, but if we have the time (which we do), why not give it a try?

Additional Preface/Background:
This lesson totally takes me back to my piano lessons when my Teacher (hey Rick Jones!) would have me work backwards when doing a new piece and learn the ending of the song first. 

3...2...1....  Here goes!:

"We have songs to work on today. They are songs you already know, but we need to work on the ending a little bit. Since the part to work on is at the END, we'll be singing the songs.... BACKWARDS!"

"To help us out, we'll have a countdown. Aaaaaand, What happens at the end of a countdown? That's right! A rocket ship goes to space! (display rocketships and launcher). SO, we'll choose a song ship, we'll sing and when we've finished our countdown we'll blast the song ship!" (NOW you've got their attention!)

Have the songs already divided into the number of phrases you want. Display the highest number (which coordinates with the last phrase of the song, right?). Work on that phrase. When it's good enough add on the next phrase, and the next until you've counted all the way down and are singing the whole song. Then it's blastoff time! Have the kids join you in a countdown and BLAST OFF that song's rocket ship! Then repeat for the next song you're working on.

Wow. That was wordy. Here's the short(er) version:
  1. Have a child pick a song ship.
  2. Each ship comes with it's own countdown. Start with the highest number, go phrase by phrase adding on until the song is reviewed. As you finish each phrase, post the number in descending order on the board.
  3. When the countdown is completed blast off that rocket and...
  4. move to the next rocket.
Really bad Photoshop job by yours truly trying to show a song in 5 phrases for a "countdown".
As this is a review activity, I will be posting the countdown numbers, but not words to the song. This is MY typed up cheat sheet.  ;)  I will read and review the words to the kids, but the kids do not get the words.  :)


For the rocket I will either use my singing meter board with rockets on it.....,

OR I might make a balloon/straw/string rocket like this one (on Science Bob):

OR I might make something like this homemade rocket launcher (from Instructablesmade with tape, paper, a water bottle, a quarter and a toilet paper tube. FYI, by "me making it", I mean a family home evening lead by my Husband ;).

If I had a store bought launcher, I'd use it. But creativity's a good thing, too.   :)

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