Monday, November 17, 2014

ACTIONS for Thanks to Thee

Here are some actions I made up for Thanks to Thee, page 6:

When I'm home     [hand house]
or far away,     [hand over brow]
Heav'nly Father,    [ASL Heavenly Father, or point upward]
hear me     [cup ear]
pray.     [folded arms]
Keep me     [point to self]
safely in thy sight;     [point to eyes]
Help me choose     [point to self]
and do what's right.     [thumbs up]
Thanks for home     [finger house]
and fam'ly too,     [ASL family]
Many things to love and do.     [cross arms on heart]
Thou art very good to me.     [point to self]
Heav'nly Father,     [ASL Heavenly Father]
thanks     [ASL thank you]
to thee.     [point upward]

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