Friday, February 20, 2015

Review Verses of Follow the Prophet

*I took the chair spin idea and applied it to reviewing the verses of the Follow The Prophet song in this lesson plan:

If you weren't listening to the Prophet you'd probably get confused, right? Well, we're going to confuse you today and hopefully you can find your way by choosing to follow the prophet! Your feet will guide the way. Someone will sit on the chair, we will "confuse" them by spinning them around, then - wherever their feet are pointing when they stop spinning -- well, that's the Prophet we will sing about.

a.   Set up a spinning chair with verse visual aids on the floor around it.
b.   Choose a child to spin
c.   See what they land on (their feet hover above/point to)
d.   Hold up/show that visual aid to everyone. And remove it.
e.   Sing that verse (+ chorus) /
f.   Repeat...

Followup Notes:
This went SO WELL! It was a huge hit.  :D

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