Sunday, April 26, 2015

Flowers in Meadows of Clover

I came up with this after I found an unused pack of foam clovers left over from St. Patrick's Day....

Act out the song I Often Go Walking:

Clovers and flowers from the Dollar Store.
I had at least 12 of each.

  • Choose a class to be the "meadow"....
  • *Class picks an item off the table and stands in front (or all around the room) as "the meadow"
  • Choose a child to be the "Mom" (put on an apron).
  • Choose another child to go "walking" (put on a hat).
  • ---> Sing and have the child walk and pick only flowers (not the clovers!)
  • When the song ends, bring the bouquet to the "Mother".
  • Repeat the whole activity

Kid Hat


  • This is probably an activity for a larger sized Primary.
  • I finally found an activity that made good use of my odd and awkward "L" shaped Primary room!  The kids sat in chairs on one side of the room and we made the "meadow" on the other side of the L. It worked out great!  Hooray!
  • It's fun to act it out while signing. My SR Priamry was good at timing it just right to hand the bouquet to the "Mom" as the song ended. They're awesome kiddos.
  • I thought this one would give everyone a chance to participate. And it did! Everyone did something. Yet I still had kids who didn't get to do the part they wanted and whatnot... and whined and cried and we had tears. STILL! Aye.... cest la vie, I suppose!
  • My kids can get crazy with gross motor move-about-the-room activities. But I know to expect it by now.

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