Monday, June 1, 2015

LESSON PLAN: The Holy Ghost (verse 1)

THE PLAN - The Holy Ghost 105
          -- Show metronome.
          -- Listen to the song and clap the beat
          --  *Explain that the beat of the song is constant. It is always there and always reliable. Explain that, just like the beat of a song, the Holy Ghost can also be a steady, constant companion.
          -- Do the song again, this time hum and clap the beat.

2.      OBJECTS for VERSE 1

When Christ was on the earth,           SMALL GLOBE, BALL, OR PICTURE of the EARTH
He promised he would send               ENVELOPE
The Holy Ghost to comfort us,          BLANKET
Our true, eternal friend.                     TWO KIDS
The Holy Spirit whispers                   CHILD w/FINGER ON LIPS
With a still small voice.                       CHILD POINT TO VOICEBOX
He testifies of God and Christ          PICTURE of HEAVENLY FATHER & JESUS
And makes our hearts rejoice.            PAPER HEART

·        *****Invite children to hold each thing and line up in front.
·        Sing.
·        Then have them trade with someone sitting down.
·        Repeat.

3.      REPEAT SING Verse 1 - Cup Beats
          -- Explain that just like we discussed in the beginning, the Holy Ghost can be a steady, constant companion.  AND, songs have steady beats, right?!  You remember we did a simple 1-2-3-4 beat earlier, right?  Well, now we're going to use cups to make the beat a little more fun. Still steady.... and fun.  :)
          -- Show cups and how to use them. Very simple drum pattern in JR, a little more complicated in SR.
            --Sing and repeat!


  1. How are you going to teach the 2nd vs to The Holy Ghost?

  2. Hi Kara!

    I haven't written out a plan yet, but here's what I'm thinking of doing...
    1. Showing a video that has both verses. (
    2. Then just singing Verse 2 a few times.
    3. Then using handbells. (

    Thanks for stopping by!