Monday, July 20, 2015

Wagon Review

I'm using this idea in July to review our Program Songs (and a few Pioneer Songs).

I'll have to revamp my Singing Meter to be Pioneer themed. Like this (but with blank spaces to affix wagons instead of faces):

In Action:
  • Have a child choose a wagon
  • The wagon is a "family" (song name)
  • Attach wagon to the Meter Board
  • See if the wagon makes it to Zion! (if not, there's an option to sing it again*)
  • --->If it makes it to Zion (the other side of the board), take it off and tape it to the chalkboard or piano or something.
  • REPEAT.... Call on a child to either choose a new wagon, or *help a wagon that's still trying to make it across the plains.

Here are the wagons...

I put the title of the songs we're reviewing as the "Family Name".
In JR I'll say 'this' family's favorite song is ____, then we'll sing it.
In SR, I'll let them know each "Family Name" is a clue! Then I'll let them figure out what we're singing.

*One wagon got in an accident in my laminator. RIP.

*If you're playing along, the answers to the "Families" in this pic are below:

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