Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jesus' Life in Songs

Have pictures of Jesus' life (that coordinate with the songs).
  1. Sing Tell Me The Stories of Jesus  57
  2. Choose a child to pick a picture.
  3. Sing the picked song.
  4. Repeat.

Song suggestions:
PRE            I Lived in Heaven  4
BIRTH        Sleep Little Jesus  47
                    Mary's Lullaby  44
CHILDHOOD      Jesus Once Was a Little Child  55
BAPTISM            Baptism  100
MINISTRY         Jesus Said Love Everyone  61
                             Love One Another  136
CRUCIFIXION    To Think About Jesus  71
                             He Died That We Might Live Again  65
RESURRECTION       Jesus Has Risen  70
NOW          I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus  78
                   I Feel My Savior's Love  74
                   I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ  77
SECOND COMING     When He Comes Again  82

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