Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lullaby Babies

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*This is a Christmas singing time. It will take some forethought and preparation...

-Rocking Chair/Glider (from the Nursery or Mother's room?)
-Swaddled Baby Doll
-Ask 2 female singers to prepare Mary's Lullaby. Ask them to wear white.
-Ask a Mom to be "Mary". Have her dress appropriately and bring a swaddled baby doll (or even better, a Mom with a real baby!!!). And possibly manger prop (we happen to have a family who has one).

----> Discreetly set up manger in the back of the room before Primary. Instruct guest adults that they will quietly enter the room while we are singing our lullaby in the dark. Mary sits near the manger, caressing or holding the baby, the singers near/behind Mary.  When it's their turn, Mary tends to the baby while the others sing Mary's Lullaby to the Primary.

  • Hold the swaddled baby doll and "shush" the children, pointing out that a baby is trying sleep! Maybe learning a song can help the baby sleep....
  • Tell the children that we are going to rock a baby to sleep with this beautiful lullaby.  Dim the lights. Invite a girl to hold the baby and rock in the chair while we sing.
  • After singing the lullaby to the baby, Ask: "Do you think Mary would have sung a lullaby to baby Jesus?"  (yes, probably, uh-huh).  Well, let's see for ourselves.... (direct attention to the other side of the room - cue pianist for Mary's Lullaby to be performed by guest singers).  [I wish, I wish, I wish I had a spotlight to shine on them.... I'm going to have to think about this...]

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