Thursday, December 31, 2015

An About Me Post

Once upon a time there was a timid newlywed gal who got called to the one calling she absolutely in the whole wide word was terrified of: PRIMARY PIANIST. It was in a Ward with a desperate "need", so she suffered through. (Sorry to say it, but everyone suffered through).

Alas! Not all was lost on this scary experience. Ten years, yes YEARS - some kids, a few houses and multiple Wards later (boundary shifts = new friends, am I right?!), she was called to the second most absolutely terrifying in the whole wide world calling: PRIMARY CHORISTER.  Yet, that first trial experience of playing the Piano in Primary actually provided a good base upon which to begin building the Primary Chorister Calling.

Having somewhat been around music; taking music lessons, being in Marching Band, etcetera gave her.... no confidence. Nope, none. Many hours of scouring the internet, many mistakes in front of the whole Ward - and, well confidence is still growing - but she can at least stand in front of the children without fainting.  This blog is built around the fact that she is a self proclaimed "planner". All of that planning has to be stored somewhere - and this is the place.

So if you find something useful, please, by all means use it. Leave a comment, too.

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