Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mother Tell Me - A Two Week Plan

Here is my idea to split teaching Mother, Tell Me the Story in two weeks.

'Story' Flip Chart (put them in a binder or something)
Teddy Bear

1. Ask if the children if they like story time! Sit in a chair in front of the Primary and read the flip charts story-style to children while piano plays quietly in background.
2. Learn the 1st verse line-by-line.
3. Cement the verse with hot/cold singing using a Teddy Bear for the remainder of the time.

1. Mix up the 'story' (flip charts). See if a class can get them in the right order before the 1st verse ends.
2. Add in the adult part during Storytime Sleepytime.... Spread out a storytime blanket. Invite one class at a time to come up front to the blanket. All the kids sing to the adults in the room - then, see if the Adult part makes the kids on the blanket fall asleep!
3.  Combine parts.

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