Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Faux Lamination

Glue your cut out pieces to poster board, cover them with strips of clear packing tape then cut out the pieces, leaving an edge (the thicker the edge, the better). Yes, it can be lot of work - but it can be cheaper and sometimes more convenient than running to the store.

visual aide covered in packing tape

*I put this tutorial together while making the monster missionary match game.

NOTE: The heavier the tape, the better. The cheap stuff is flimsy and hard to work with. The dollar store stuff is worthless. Scotch has a good heavy duty tape. After a year in the Primary Music Leader calling I've done this with all types of tape.  :)

NOTE #2: This WILL make your scissors sticky. Especially with the heavier tape. The good news; scissors can be washed. :)

NOTE #3: I did not mean for my examples to have the same body position. They just want to say 'hi'! Both with their right hands, apparently.

1. Pieces are glued or taped onto cardboard backing (a cereal box, in this case)
2. On a clean surface, completely cover the front side. Row by row by row of tape.
Overlap rows a little bit. Give yourself plenty of room around the border.
You'll be sticking tape to the other side of the tape hanging off the border...
3. Flip it over.
The tape will hang over the edge. Do not let it fold back on itself.
*Now it's face down. See? It's a cereal box.  :)
4. Tape around the edges, covering the cardboard and the tape on the back side.
This will create a clear tape edge around the picture.
You can tape the whole back if you want to, but in this case it was a waste of tape. I just did the sides all the way around.
5. Trim the excess tape from around the edge. Leave a border of tape all the way around.
Tape should be stuck to tape, there shouldn't be any sticky spots.
* Can you see the clear tape border?
All done!
Another picture, for good measure.

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