Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hot Cold Broken Hearts

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Tape halves of hearts on the board (have the other halves in a basket or bag or something for the kids to pick from).

*Optional - explain how Jesus is our Savior and mends broken hearts*

One child goes out into the hall.

Another child chooses from the colored hearts. (Be sure to read the heart before the child hides it so you know what song you're singing!) Then the child hides the heart.

Sing the song listed on the heart while the child who was out in the hallway looks for the hidden half. Play “hot/cold” to help the child find the heart (you know, get louder when they’re close, quieter when they go the wrong way...)


----- ----- ------ ----- ------ ----- -----


  • Cut out hearts
  • Cut hearts in half
  • Choose the songs you want to review with this game...
  • Write songs and #s on heart halves
  • Separate the blank halves (they go up on the board) from the halves with the songs written on them (these are the ones the kids will choose from).

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