Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Name That Primary Song About LOVE / Make a Card For the Bishop

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SONGS (links go to my flip charts):
*THIS LINK is all the lyrics to the songs w/flip charts in one document. I'm going to hand it out to my Teachers. It looks like this:
Teacher's Copy, page 1 of 3


Tape up a sign that says “Name That Primary Song About LOVE!”

Pass a heart around - when the piano stops, that child gets to come up and pick a piece of a heart puzzle with a song # on the back. Pianist plays a few notes of the song. Child tries to guess what song it is. Sing that song. Tape the piece on the posterboard.

Pass around 2 hearts. Two kids come up. I pick a heart puzzle piece. Pianist plays a few notes. Whoever knows the song first, rings the bell. Winner gets to tape up the piece on the heart. Sing that song.

*Every time “love” is said, either sit or stand

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After the heart puzzle is all put together;
JR: pass out printed papers for the kids to color and write notes on to the Bishopric
SR: pass out blank papers  for the kids to draw and write notes on to the Bishopric

----- ----- ----- ----- ---- -----

The heart puzzle is a poster board on which a big outline of a heart is drawn on it (the pieces of the heart have the songs on them) - at the end of Primary write “WE Love Our Bishop!” on the heart. Give it to him after church for him to hang in his office.
*Make 2 - one for JR and one for SR.

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  • 2 posterboard heart-outline cards
  • 2 sets of heart puzzle pieces
  • write songs #s on the back of the puzzle pieces
  • list of songs to song
  • bell
  • flip charts for the songs on the list
  • printed color sheets
  • blank paper
  • crayons

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  1. Thanks so much for this idea! I'm going to use it for Junior primary right before Valentine's Day. I really appreciate it!