Sunday, March 24, 2013

Teacher/Leader Silly Dress Up Review

Explain the rules. "We're going to play a guessing game in Primary today! Sister President has no idea what songs we're going to sing today. I have a bag of silly clothes! If Sister President guesses the song we're singing right your Teachers have to wear the silly clothes! But if Sister President guesses wrong, she has to wear the silly clothes! Hopefully she doesn't get TOO many wrong or she'll look very, very silly!"
1) Choose a “Guesser”;
-(Primary Presidency Member or Bishopric or Self)
-blindfold them between songs [*optional]

2) Choose a Teacher to pick a child from their class.
- Child picks an object from the bag
- Show all, place on table

3) SING:
- Pianist has song posters and chooses a song.
- She holds up poster so we all know (everyone but the Guesser) what song we’re singing.

4) If Guesser gets the song:
-WRONG: Guesser wears item
-RIGHT: The child who picked the item’s Teacher wears it


-bag of silly items -song posters

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