Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Symbols Scrambled Eggs Lesson Plan

I drew my pictures to save on ink. (I don't draw Jesus, I'll use a picture from the Library.)
Scrambled Egg for Senior Primary (they'll glue the letters to a card then post the card under the coordinating picture on the board).

  1. Pictures taped up on board, facing out
  2. Child chooses an egg out of the basket of “scrambled eggs” (word strip inside)
  3. Match word strip to picture on the board
  4. Explain symbol
  5. Sing song
  6. Repeat
  1. Pictures taped up on board, facing out
  2. A class’ Teacher picks an Egg
  3. The class unscrambles letters in Eggs
  4. Class glues letters in order on a card 
  5. Tape card under correct picture
  6. Read scripture
  7. Sing Song
  8. Repeat
*This activity turned out okay, but if I do it again I will hand out eggs to each class at the beginning and give them a few minutes to unscramble their word. Then go class by class - they tell me their unscrambled word and then read the scripture and then read the song. (Rather than calling up one class at a time - it ate up too much time that way = not enough singing going on).

  • A picture for each Easter symbol
  • JR: print symbol word strips, put in eggs, put in a basket
  • SR: print symbol word strips, cut up each word, put in eggs, put in basket
  • SR: print scriptures
  • SR: glue sticks
  • tape
  • basket

Here is everything up on the board.


  1. Super cute idea! Wish I would've seen this before I planned mine...

  2. This is such a cute Easter Lesson!! Thanks a ton for sharing!!!

  3. I actually like your hand drawn pictures best! They're adorable. Could you scan them in too please!