Thursday, September 5, 2013

Song Hospital- SONG SURGERY

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  • Lyrics or pictures for the songs.
  • Put them in mixed up order (each song).

Uh oh! Some of the songs at the Song Hospital need Song Surgery. They seem to have gotten mixed up! You guys will be the Surgeons...
In Teaching Hospitals they have observation operating rooms where students learning to be Surgeons can observe and learn during live operations. We’ll choose classes to be teams of Surgeons and they’ll have to operate on our songs to get them better again. While the rest of you are sitting in your chairs, you are the Student Doctors and you have to help the Surgeons by singing well. 

  1. Pick a song.
  2. Choose a class to put the mixed up pictures or lyrics in the right order while the rest of the Primary sings the song.


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