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Song Hospital, part 1

Our Song Hospital. Where sick songs go.
*waiting room side
*discharge side
The Doctor needs credentials.  Here's his framed M.D.
(printable doc at the end of this post)
Germs on Songs

*I plan to do this lesson with the entire Singing+Sharing Time.
*And do parts 2 & 3 in the subsequent weeks ...It's our big review right up to our Program.*

  • Make a Song Hospital
  • Ask someone to come in to be the "Doctor"
  • Toy (or picture of) Ambulance
  • print: Music Degree
  • print: Song Titles (each title is a 1/2 a page big)
  • print and stick on the Song Titles: Germs [see below]
  • ON SUNDAY: Tape germ covered Song Titles all around the room.


Fall is coming and it’s almost cold and flu season. Unfortunately, some of our songs have gotten sick! So sick that we’re going to have to send an Ambulance out to bring them to our Primary Song Hospital.
This is Dr. Smith. He's a Doctor. See his Doctorate Degree? [show a degree with M.D. ...which stands for Music Degree ;)].

OK. Before we can send out the Ambulance we must receive some training on what is making our songs sick. Some of the things that have made our songs so sick is our lack of performance value... ---->

*Performance Value is a combination of a bunch of things. It is what we do and how we act when we sing. Good performance value is:
  • sitting up tall
  • watching the Leader
  • enunciating the words
  • singing loudly, but not screaming
  • happy faces

*PRACTICE GOOD AND BAD PERFORMANCE VALUE WITH THE SONG "IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT, sing ______.", page 266 (the kids think it’s fun to sing sick, happy, sad...)

Okay, now that we know what Performance Value is --- it’s time to send out the Ambulance;

Carry a toy ambulance. Have children reverently “wee-woo” and have “flashing light hands” while you ‘pick up’ the sick ‘Patient’ (the 1/2 sheet Song Title taped to the wall).

2. Explain again;
- A song is Healthy when we’re:
...sitting up straight and tall
...watching the leader
...singing loud and reverently (sing, not scream)
...singing ALL of the words
...smiling while we’re singing
- A song will either be Healthy enough to go to Discharge, or we’ll have to put it in the Waiting Room and try it again later.

Say; "Look at how sick this song is? See all of the germs on it? If we sing well, with good performance value, the germs will go away! Let's get this song better again!"

 Sing that song.

Doctor’s Evaluation - Remove the GERMS based on what the kids did well. If a song still has germs on it send it to Waiting Room. If song is germ free it is sent to Discharge.
***Here is a variation of the Doctor's role, which involves the kids, rather than having one person as the "Doctor".


*6. Waiting Room Songs: If remaining time.... After all songs have been brought to the Song Hospital by the Ambulance - go through the songs still in the Waiting Room again. And again. Until all songs' germs are off and all songs are in Discharge.


*Here are the documents for printing:
Music Degree . Find it HERE on GoogleDocs.
*It would be fun to have it signed by the Bishop, Primary President, or a Counselor of the aforementioned.

Song Hospital Germs.
* I made the germs to stick on the 1/2 sheet Song Titles papers that are hanging around the room.
*One page (or 5 germs) for each song.

This way when the song is brought up by the Ambulance we have a visual during the DR's evaluation of what
we did good (when they get taken off) and what we still have to work on (the remaining germs still stuck on that song.)

Germs can be found IN THIS Google Document


***Optional continuations of this lesson;


*CLICK HERE to read the personal story I related to my Song Hospital Lesson.


*This Song Hospital idea is greatly modified from Primary Singing Ideas.


  • My JR Primary LOVED this. They ate up every idea from "weewooing" sirens to the 'germs' to the 'doctor'.
  • Mr SR Primary was in "we're too cool for this" mode. It was OK.
  • Both JR and SR were very respectful as I told (and cried through) my personal story.

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  1. My baby was at Primary Children's Hospital 3 years ago. I can totally understand why you cried through your story. I'm teary just thinking about it. I love this idea for the song hospital! Thanks for posting.