Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Lord Gave Me a Temple, Verse 1 with Chalk

I'm doing this on 2-16-2014 to correlate with the Sharing Time Lesson. Thanks to Camille, where I found this idea!

Sing 1) "The Lord gave me a temple to live within on Earth." On 1/2 the chalk board draw a simple outline of a temple. Ask if any of the kids live at the temple and which one. Then ask what this line is talking about (our body is a temple).


Sing 2) "once in heaven I was spirit but I left my home at birth." Draw a spirit using the other half of the chalkboard - the outline of a body using dotted lines.


Sing 3) line "I'll make my temple brighter." Ask what this phrase means and how we can make our temple brighter? Draw the answers - eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep, scripture study, etc


Sing 4) "I'll keep my spirit free." Ask how we do this. Draw the answers - Word of Wisdom items (coffee, drugs), addictions, too much sugar or sleep, etc., and draw a red circle around each of them and cross them out similar to a "no smoking" sign. Sing the line together.


Sing the next line 5) "My body is the temple my Father gave to me." Fill in the body by tracing around the dotted lines, add facial features, clothes, etc. Sing the line together.


REVIEW/CEMENT - Now we have to erase all the bad things off the board. I'll have my watching eyes on and the singer trying their hardest will get to come up and erase something until all the bad things are gone...




---This concept is a little deep for JR Primary. I'm sure my struggle at the board was obvious. But I made it through! Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get all my gears going. Alas, it's always important to remember that the JR kids are getting it, even when the waters seem rough. It's really amazing what they pick up. And after all that, the JR kids did enjoy the pictures and erasing the bad things off the board.  :)
---SR Primary got it and came up with some really good answers for what we put/don't put in our bodies. Song success!
---I tried something new with this lesson plan that I don't normally do. I tried to do as suggested above and sing solo as I drew. While this works for some people, apparently it's not my cup of tea. This added to the awkwardness of my experience in JR Primary with this lesson. Sorry to the Teachers who had to endure my solo singing attempt. By SR Primary I just talked through the song lyrics, I didn't sing them. (Then everyone sang with me). It worked out better that way, for me at least.  Hey - live and learn, right?  :)

--This is my attempt at something artistic on the chalkboard.

--"is has has has" is written on the board because I was also talking about "I Will Follow God's Plan" that day. I'd also already started to erase the arm too...

--This picture was taken at the end of Primary when the bad things were erased and only the good things were left. I was impressed with what SR Primary came up with! Good things: strawberries, carrots, happy thoughts and words, the Book of Mormon, and of course... cookies.  :)

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  1. Great idea!!! I'm definitely going to use this today!! :) I love low maintenance singing times!!!