Friday, February 14, 2014

"Real" Lamination

So, for over a year I was doing what I call "faux lamination" and using packing tape to cover my items. It worked, and is a viable option when you don't have access to a laminator.

But guess what I got for Christmas?  A home laminator!!!  Guilty confession... I love it!


  1. In the flurry of on-line shopping I indulged in during the holidays, one of my very selfish purchases was a laminator! I purchased a Swingline laminator from Amazon (it was their deal of the day and the laminator was $14 and a pack of laminating pouches was $11) I adore mine. But if yours is like mine with pouches that have one open side, I will warn you: Never laminate before 7 in the morning on Sunday when you're in a hurry like I did, because I fed the pouch into the machine on the wrong side. I had to completely unscrew the laminator (very scary) and manually pull out the pouch that had wrapped itself around the rollers. Welcome to the lavish world of heated laminating at home! (When you can do it at odd hours!!!)

  2. I am jealous. I was just looking at my snowman guy that we used today and thinking he could use a bit of protection.