Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quiet As a Mouse

Meet Church Mouse. He always remembers to be quiet as a mouse in Heavenly Father's House.

This is MY MOM's mouse. She used to bring it to Nursery for this lesson. Now THAT shows how long I've been blogging church ideas! Our Church Babies Blog was put together over 5 years ago, after many, many years of being in Nursery.

For a musical lesson on reverence first learn a reverent song. After the song is learned, repeat sing by playing "hot/cold". Only, play it opposite of the normal way it's done;

**Tell the children that when we are reverent we should try to be as quiet as a mouse in Heavenly Father's house.
  1. Have child go in the hallway. They are the 'seeker'.
  2. Have a child hide a picture of a mouse.
  3. Find the mouse by singing loud if the 'seeker' is is far away and everybody quietly HUM if the 'seeker' is really close!
  4. Repeat.

Here are some reverent songs to learn:
The Chapel Doors
Reverences is Love
This is God's House
We Are Reverent
I Will Try to Be Reverent
Reverently, Quietly
When I Go to Church

Mouse picture or stuffed animal

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