Friday, May 16, 2014

Current Prophet & Apostle Counsel

For the Prophets: Be True! activity I haven't decided whether I will use past Prophets (link here) or the current Presidency (below).

These are based on recent talks given by the current (2014) Leaders of the Church.

**These 'themes' are taken from the last time we heard from Church Leaders at April 2014 Conference:

  • Thomas S Monson - "Loving your neighbors shows you love God."
  • Henry B Eyring - "Be an example by making good choices."
  • Dieter F Uchdorf - "Serve with your whole heart."
  • Boyd K Packer - "Bear witness of Christ. Gain a testimony and share it."
  • L. Tom Perry - "We show our Faith through Obedience."
  • Russell M Nelson - "Proclaim your Faith. Let your Faith show!"
  • Dallin H Oaks - "The Priesthood is for the benefit of all people."
  • M Russell Ballard - "We can all be involved in Missionary work."
  • Richard G Scott - "Follow Jesus Christ's perfect example."
  • Robert D Hales - "Our choices have consequences. Choose the right. Always."
  • Jeffery R Holland - "Be strong. Live the Gospel, even if others around you aren't."
  • David A Bednar - "Our burdens help us rely on the Lord."
  • Quentin L Cook - "Hastening family history work and temple work is essential in our day."
  • D. Todd Christofferson - "Jesus is the resurrected Redeemer."
  • Neil L Anderson - "These are the days to stand strong."

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