Friday, May 16, 2014

Past Prophets Proclaimations

For the Prophets: Be True! activity I haven't decided whether I will use past Prophets (below) or the current presidency (link here).

These are teachings from past prophets:

*FYI, the Prophets of the Lord packet from Deseret Book has biographical information on the backs of the pictures, with a quote from each Prophet at the top of their info.
picture source
Prophet / Short Generalization (which I got from the summary on the back of the pics, as mentioned above):

  • Joseph Smith - "He lives! Come follow the Lord."
  • Brigham Young - "Pray and give thanks. The Lord of the God leads us and will always lead us."
  • John Taylor - "Times will change, but the church will remain firm."
  • Wilford Woodruff - "The Gospel will be preached to every nation, tongue and people."
  • Lorenzo Snow - "This existence it but a moment, but the other life is continuous from eternity to eternity. Endure to the end and sit upon thrones."
  • Joseph F Smith - "Happiness is found in the home."
  • Heber J Grant - "We are the architects and builders of our lives. Put knowledge into practice."
  • George Albert Smith - "Happiness does not come from money. Happiness comes from charity, kindness and love."
  • David O Mckay - "Families are eternal. Parenthood is next to Godhood."
  • Joseph Fielding Smith - "Be baptized and keep baptismal covenants."
  • Harold B Lee - "Give service to others and your own needs with work out."
  • Spencer W Kimball - "The day of miracles has not passed. We can witness miracles today."
  • Ezra Taft Benson - "Always be reading the Book of Mormon. Learn of Jesus Christ, be of Jesus Christ."
  • Howard W Hunter - "Be a temple attending and temple loving people."
  • Gordon B Hinkley - "Go forth with trust in the Lord to improve the world around us."
  • Thomas S Monson - "Follow the perfect example of Jesus Christ."

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