Monday, June 30, 2014

Baptism Verse 1 - "W" Questions

This is for the first verse of Baptism.  

Ask children if they've ever been to the ocean, lake, to a river or stream. The water goes fast and slow, up and down. Listen to the music and move like water.

2. LEARN Baptism VERSE 1

--- The big ones will be posted on the board with a coordinating picture underneath.
IE: who will have a Jesus picture under it. "when" a map of Judea, etcetera...
--- The smaller cards are for the Teachers (see below)

  • Post the W words on the board. (WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE)
  • Ask and answer, posting pics and singing as we go.
  • Pass around the smaller "W" words (to Teachers).
  • The class with the W sings the coordinating phrase (as also posted on the board). IE, the class(es) with "WHO" sings "Jesus Came...".
  • Switch around the "W" words from class to class and sing some more!

WHO    Jesus came / to John the Baptist,
WHEN    In Judea / long ago,        
WHAT    And was baptized / by immersion
WHERE    In the / River Jordan's flow.  

3. WATER WANDS (as seen on Camille's Primary Ideas)

HERE are my water wands
Optional "water choreography" for the ribbon wands:
  • "COMES IN" (a tide comes in...) - Jesus came, Baptist...
  • "WHIRLPOOLS - Judea, ago...
  • "WATERFALLS - ...and was, immersion...
  • "WAVES" - the, Jordan's flow...

Have one side sing half the phrase and the other side finish it.
(*pssst.... that's why I wrote the grey lyrics above with the "/" slashes.)


The second half of this lesson (and the rest of this song) can be found HERE.



  • Teaching with the "W" questions went well. Answers and lyrics learned. Bam.
  • I only did ribbons wands in JR.  *Another update! I ended up using them later in SR... and they loved them! SR kids asked to take them home!
  • I only did "half and half" in SR.
  • Could have done away with "move like water" at the beginning. Sometimes they are into that stuff, sometimes they are not. Apparently after two days of fireworks (4th of July last Friday) they are too tired for that stuff on Sunday afternoon.
  • "Half and half" is a GREAT way to teach the kids to follow you (without knowing they are learning to follow you, haha!)
  • A note about "half and half":  .... make sure YOU, THE LEADER, are paying attention to what you are doing! I only messed up once....    ;)     It's always an adventure in Primary!


  1. Sounds silly but how did you tie the ribbon on your wands? I got what looks like the same rings and ribbon at Walmart and can't seem to make it stay tight when I tie it. It looks like maybe you did it with all the ribbon together in one. Did you just make the loop on the top of the ring and pull the rest of the ribbon through?

  2. lcluff,

    Yep, that's what I did! I help all the ribbon together, made a loop, went around the ring and pulled the strings through. It was still loose and I was worried about it coming apart, so THEN I tied an extra knot at the base of the ring to secure it.

  3. Then I trimmed it if any pieces looked too long. :)

  4. *HELD... not "help" (as in the comment above)