Saturday, July 5, 2014

Water Wands

I will use these for the song Baptism (p 100). Not too expensive* and easy to make.
....One year later.... I am now going to use these for the song Tell Me The Stories of Jesus (p57).

  • shower curtain rings
  • ribbon (blue, light blue, white)
  • scissors
  1. cut ribbon to desired length
  2. select ribbon strands
  3. bend all ribbon in half, loop around the ring and pull through the loop
  4. tie an extra knot to keep in on tight
More detail on how to tie the ribbon on the rings:
I held all the ribbon strands together, made a loop, went around the ring and pulled the strings through. It was still loose and I was worried about it coming apart, so THEN I tied an extra knot at the base of the ring to secure it. Then I trimmed it if any strands looked too long.

Mine slide along the ring, but I don't think they'll come off. As long as the ribbon isn't coming loose I think it's good. :)

*Approximate cost, for those interested; Ring = 10 cents, Ribbon 48 cents for one spool which was cut and divided between all the wands.


  1. how many spools of ribbon did you buy? One for each color? How long were your strands? And how many ribbon wands did you end up making?
    Sorry for all the questions? Thanks!

  2. No problem, Laura! :) I don't know how well I will answer your questions, but I'll try...

    Let's see.... rolls of ribbon... I had two whites, one light blue and two "ocean water" blues. So, 5 rolls.

    Of the colors ON the wands I had.... one strand from each roll of each per wand. So 5 strands of ribbon (2 white, 1 light blue, 2 ocean blue) - BUT they were folded in half, so that doubles the total to 10 per ring.. Also, I ended up with more ribbon at the end, so the ones I made last got extra ribbon strands. They're not all the same, but who will ever know?

    Ribbon length.... I pulled the ribbon from my shoulder to hand, then I cut (I did it once and used that one for a template). That's how I got the length. So technical and precise. ;) You can determine the length of the roll and divide it by the # of rings, if that helps?

    I had 12 rings, so I made 12 wands. I have about 40 kids in each Primary, though, so we took turns by class.