Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seek As We Sing

THIS is where I got the pictures from

This is for the song Seek the Lord Early;
  1. Cut flip chart pictures in half
  2. Put one half on the board
  3. Hide the other halves around the room
  4. Choose a child to "seek" the other half
  5. *SING full pictures, HUM half pictures that haven't been "found" yet.
  6. Continue until the whole song is found.
  7. *Use a magnifying glass to indicate which chart we're on. Invite a child to use it to follow along.

*If there is more time, keep singing with this additional activity:
  • Mix up the flip charts all around the board
  • Invite a child to "seek" the pictures as we sing
  • Invite all children to "seek" from their chairs along with the child up at the front. Can they do it?!
  • Repeat


**I am considering the idea of getting small party favor magnifying glasses (I did this!)

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