Saturday, August 30, 2014

ABC Song Choices

  1. Bring alphabet magnets.
  2. Invite a child to choose one.
  3. Have the Primary help them think of a song that goes with that letter. I made a poster to help them out and so we're all on the same page [below].
  4. Repeat

--Have the kids "draw fancy" in the air and have them conduct the time signature with you.
--Theme it as "back to school".
--Or, call it a Primary Song Quiz
--Or, put the letters in a pan and call it "alphabet soup". Then using kitchen stirring spoons to "stir" in the air (conduct the time signature) as you sing.


I did this without really thinking it through and it failed. First we had all of the kids ages 3-18 in the room (5th Sunday lesson where all the Adults leave). So there wasn't a lot of discipline happening around the room. Second, I didn't have a lot of time. Third, the kids picked hard letters right off the bat! Fourth, it was loud in the room and I could get the room's attention, nor hear the suggestions the Pianist was tinkering out. Disaster? Yeah, sort of....

BUT, I'm giving it another chance! I feel that it's important for the kids to see that something can fail and can be done again as a success (yeah, sometimes I'm crazy). Although.... I don't really think they thought that, from their vantage point they just wanted to endure and get outta there - they don't really care... BUT I DO, so I'm giving it a better go this week. I have given it much more thought and anticipate it will go better!  IT WILL!

PS - I labeled this as "Easy Prep". Which it was. Until I made the posters..... BUT it can totally be Easy Prep! Just grab the magnets and go. I guess I'm just not an Easy Prep type. Apparently I like to complicate and over think things, but that's just how I am, I guess! If every facet hasn't been explored I don't feel prepared.

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