Monday, September 1, 2014

WHOOOO Has Seen the Wind?

The song is from the orange book Sing With Me. Who Has Seen the Wind, page G-2.

Introduce an owl puppet* named Christina Rossetti.  Paraphrase "Christina is named after a real person who lived a very long time ago in England. She was very smart. She wrote poetry.... the real person Christina wrote the words to this song!".  Have owl puppet Christina teach the kids the song Who Has Seen The Wind by having the kids echo her line-by-line.

Sing Who Has Seen the Wind a few times.

Then, if time allows, use the WINDY blow dryer box to sing more Fall songs.

***FYI, I just stumbled across a song in the blue Children's Song Book that has basically the same idea and message - and talks about the wind. It's called God's Love, on page 97.****


*My daughter brought the owl puppet she made home from school. I snatched it up and adopted it into my Primary Music stash. :D

*Wikipedia page for more information about Christina Rossetti

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