Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School Backpack

Fill a backpack with back to school items
that tell the kids how to sing.

  • BINDER PAPER CLIP - sing with lips clamped shut
  • CRAYONS - only those wearing the color I hold up sing
  • ERASER - "erase" words and leave them out as you sing
  • GLUE STICK - glue legs and arms together and sing all stuck together (stick a different way for each verse)
  • HAND SANITIZER- use hands to sign the song (choose a song we know sign to, of course!)
  • HIGHLIGHTER - stand up tall and sing "brightly"!
  • RUBBER BANDS - sing with rubber band stretchy lips and face
  • RULER - use as a volume meter and measure up inches as well as they are singing
  • SCISSORS - cut off the song, then resume, and so forth
  • SHARPENER - sing "sharply" (staccato)
*This idea can be found all over the place.  This is my minuscule addition to the already existing idea.

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